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What is peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)?

Peritoneal dialysis is also called Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD). The blood is thereby indirectly, via the peritoneum (technical term: Peritoneum) cleaned. Liquid is put into the abdominal cavity, the "kidney toxins" migrate into the fluid via the peritoneum, and after a certain time (for example 6 hours) the fluid is drained and poured into the toilet like urine. Thereafter, immediately fresh liquid is recessed, so that there is always water to absorb "poisons" in the abdominal cavity. Of course, a catheter must first be implanted in the abdominal cavity, which then stays there permanently. For washing and showering, the catheter is protected from infection with a bandage or foil.

The functioning of the peritoneum and the dialysis is checked every 2-6 weeks in the center with us, while all problems are also blood pressure, blood sugar and other medical problems discussed and resolved.

The treatments are performed by the patient himself at home or at work. Sometimes it is sufficient to perform the peritoneal dialysis only at night during sleep. For this you will be extensively informed and trained by us including relatives or nursing staff (including nursing homes, etc.). Nevertheless, we are still available 24 hours a day, even on public holidays and Sundays, when it should "get stuck".

We also teach nursing staff at other institutions in the state-approved nursing school of the University Hospital Mannheim, thus keeping the entire team at a high standard of training. As part of this activity, we are also authors of a specialist book for nursing in nephrology.
Information about kidney diseases

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