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What is hemodialysis??

In hemodialysis, the blood is directly released through a filter of the "toxins" and excess water and returned to the body in a "purified" state. This requires access to the patient's vascular system. In order to clean as much blood as possible during the treatment, one needs access to a blood vessel that has a high blood flow. Such vessels exist only near the heart. Thus, one must either implant a catheter near the heart or, much more practicable, connect a vein on the arm with an artery so that high blood flow can then be achieved therein. Such a vein is called a "shunt", it is usually applied in a small operation by a surgeon under local anesthesia. We take care of the preparation and wound healing in cooperation with specialists.

Hemodialysis is either done in our center or at home as home dialysis. At the center, doctors and nurses expertly take care of the treatment while you rest. After the treatment you go home or your other obligations, as you wish. If you follow some rules, the treatment is well tolerated, to strengthen you with us a small meal and coffee or drinks.

Each dialysis is individually tailored to you, many medical and technical examinations are carried out continuously. All treatment options are available and are available at the state of the art medical knowledge.

We also teach nursing staff at other institutions in the state-approved nursing school of the University Hospital Mannheim, thus keeping the entire team at a high standard of training. As part of this activity, we are also authors of a specialist book for nursing in nephrology.

Information about kidney diseases

The following links give you a lot of information about kidney diseases and their treatments. Please understand that we cannot check the sites and cannot guarantee for their content and accuracy. If something is not understandable to you, please contact us.

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