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What is home dialysis?

You can also do hemodialysis yourself at home; you should have a permanent caregiver present or immediately available during the treatment period. Talk to us about the possibilities and individual needs. We provide you with a dialysis machine and all necessary materials. The machine will be installed by our technician at home and you and your caregiver will be briefed by our nursing staff and the doctors and trained for a sufficient amount of time before anything can go wrong.

In case of problems, we are available 24 hours a day, also on public holidays and Sundays, so that we are always with words and deeds to your side.

You carry out the treatments independently, every 2-6 weeks we check the function of dialysis and treatment and all other medical data.
Information about kidney diseases

The following links give you a lot of information about kidney diseases and their treatments. Please understand that we cannot check the sites and cannot guarantee for their content and accuracy. If something is not understandable to you, please contact us.

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