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Above a resting blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg one speaks of an arterial hypertension (high blood pressure illness). Hypertensiologists are looking for causes of hypertension and especially difficult to treat hypertension.
With us everything is done professionally for blood pressure adjustment and diagnostics:

Search for kidney disease as a cause of hypertension
Search for renal artery stenosis
Finding Hormonal Causes for Hypertension
Long-term blood pressure measurement
Blood pressure measurement under defined load
Search for comorbidities in hypertension
Courses on nutrition and the management of hypertension according to guidelines of the German Hypertension League

Information about kidney diseases

The following links give you a lot of information about kidney diseases and their treatments. Please understand that we cannot check the sites and cannot guarantee for their content and accuracy. If something is not understandable to you, please contact us.

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