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How does a kidney transplant and life after a transplant go?

You can always contact us for a kidney transplant. All doctors are very experienced in all matters of transplantation, immunosuppression and organ donation. Some of our doctors have organized transplants of kidneys, livers, heart and pancreas in large transplant centers and written many scientific articles in journals. There is no topic to which we can not help you!!

Before a transplant, of course, it must be clarified whether you can survive an operation of this size at all. Furthermore, it must be clarified whether an immunosuppression endangers your health. This requires extensive research. We take care of the transaction and do as much as we can ourselves.
When we have registered you at the transplant center, we will one day be informed about an organ offer for you. We will clarify the quality with the transplant center and you, so that you can also use us here as your consultant. So much time has to be!

After the transplant, you will need to take immunosuppressive drugs for life, the side effects and dosages of which we monitor very closely. In this we are very experienced, we have a top position in Germany in our practice in terms of the rate of successful kidney transplants in relation to the dialysis patients being cared for. From our practices come the first living kidney transplant patients and the first blood group unequal-living transplanted from the transplant center Mannheim..
Information about kidney diseases

The following links give you a lot of information about kidney diseases and their treatments. Please understand that we cannot check the sites and cannot guarantee for their content and accuracy. If something is not understandable to you, please contact us.

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